Flork has a maximum supply of 1 billion FLK tokens!

For Open Community Review and Is Subject To Change!

The tokens are distributed as follows:

  • Public Sale: 50%

  • Liquidity Pool: 20%

  • Founders & Team: 10%

  • Marketing & Ecosystem: 10%

  • Reward & Airdrops: 5%


Public Sale



Liquidity Pool



Founders & Team



Marketing & Ecosystem



Reward & Airdrops



Explanation of how tokens will be allocated!

  1. Public Sale: 50% of the tokens will be made available to the public for purchase during the initial coin offering (ICO). This will allow the community to invest in the project and help raise funds for its development.

  2. Liquidity Pool: 20% of the tokens will be allocated to the liquidity pool. This will ensure enough liquidity to facilitate the trading of the tokens and provide stability to the market.

  3. Founders & Team: 10% of the tokens will be allocated to founders and the team working on the project. This is to reward them for their efforts and ensure they remain committed to the success of the project. Note: it will be blocked for 360 days!

  4. Marketing and Ecosystem: 10% of the tokens will be allocated towards marketing efforts and building an ecosystem around the project. This is important for promoting the project, attracting new investors and developing a strong community.

  5. Reward and Airdrops: 5% A small percentage of tokens will be reserved for rewards and airdrops. These will be used to encourage early adopters and encourage user adoption of the project.

Overall, this tokennomics plan aims to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of tokens, while providing sufficient liquidity, incentivizing early adopters, and compensating the team behind the project.

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